Poor young leader that changed the Algerian Ecosystem

Abdellah Aouf is a 27 year-old from Algeria and a lifelong advocate for equal rights and access. At age 18, Abdellah made a big impact and changed the Algerian ecosystem when he successfully lobbied to establish GO Platform on March 2017. As the Young leader who volunteered in many NGO’s and helped hundreds of people, he engaged to deliver for youth the best opportunities to equal and free for everywhere.

Born in a poor neighborhood and in a poor family with a lack of opportunities informations, Abdellah Aouf is determined to empower people from all over Algeria: “I’ll never let my youth experience to harm any other young leaders in Algeria at first.”  At age 18, Abdellah proved this when he made impact and showed leadership skills and empowering other in the Algeria. While he was initially still university students, he was asked to be a part of many NGO’s in Algeria to empower the youth with all categories, his charisma, empathy and understanding made him an excellent leader that gives a meaning for life and for self awareness.

Now 27, Abdellah Founded GO platform as the Youth platforms that provides the different opportunities for the youth and give them access to information’s for free and equally, his work has been nominated as one of the best 100 startup in Africa by the World bank and the Egyptian Government, this Startup has helped thousands of the youth gain access to inclusive opportunities, educational materials, and Self development mentoring. Abdellah has also conducted companies and NGO’s to invest in the Algerian youth by providing them the opportunity to learn and gain an international experiences as ‘’ The International Development House, World Summit Award and Hult Prize” on access to education for the Algerian Youth, and his tireless work to advocate for the rights of people has been featured at major international events and conferences. Most recently, Abdellah joined the Global Council at World Merit, where his message was heard loud and clear in Algeria: “I want to ensure that the recent historical mention of Youth in the Sustainable Development Goals is upheld. I am committed and dedicated to working in as many ways as possible to achieve this vision of an inclusive world.” That made a big impact for the Algerian youth which gave hope for a better future regardless of the problems that he faced with the government, bureaucracy and people with power. Until now his dedication for his work inspired many youth that empowered them to do the same what he’s doing which changed the ecosystem into altruistic ecosystem.

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